The situation

For your purposes you need a multi functional welding control system
with integrated adaptive process control and all variables of process
monitoring and data collection facilities.

Operators and staff are not in the position to operate complex systems.
There is hardly time for training.

Your requirements

You require a welding control system including maximum functions
and using latest technology of a modern graphic user interface..

We propose

Akzent T 9000 - the graphic terminal for our Akzent 5000 series. T 9000 fills
the gap between the 4-line text display T 5000 and the software SPV 5000 for
process visualisation and monitoring. The simple concept makes easy use of
the diversity of our Akzent 5000 weld controler. Customers working with our
compact control system MTW 9000 and appreciating its outstanding concept will
recognise some favourite elements on T 9000.

The most important functions are:
  • 5,7" graphic color display with 320x240 pixel resolution
  • Navigation by turning knob or touch screen
  • Parameter adjustable by turning knob
  • 5 keys to call up important functions
  • USB interface for export of data
  • Graphic display for current/period and power/period profile
  • Extensive graphic analytical functions