Your tasks

You are looking for a medium frequency inverter for resistance welding applications.

Your requirements

Similar or dissimilar metals must be joined, some with a coated surface.
Welding must be of highest quality and perfect joining.
Welding spots or marks should not be visible.

We propose

Our medium frequency inverter MFl-1 is a welding system with
integrated current control. In combination with our welding
control system Akzent 3000, Akzent 5000 or MTW 9000 the HIE medium frequency
technology offers diverse possibilities to solve even extreme
welding tasks reliably and with top quality.

The medium frequency inverter MFl-1 includes the following functions:
  • Chassis-form for easy installation in the control cabinet
  • IGBT technology with integrated primary constant current control (1000 Hz)
  • Analogue inputs for connection with SPC
  • Ignition pulse input for connection of non HIE controllers
  • Input for HIE welding controllers as Akzent 3000, Akzent SC-5000 or MTW 9000
  • As Maxi-Version with integrated welding controller (16-programms, 8-sequences, 2 analogue outputs, stepper, counter), operation via terminal T-5000, I/O connections via interface board CAN-630
  • Imax from 400 A to 2400 A
Technical data sheet pdf-Download