Power supply problems

The situation

One or two welding machines are to be operated additionally from one power supply station. Power supply will not suffice. Machines cannot operate simultaneously as this may overload power supply. Successive operation on the other hand reduces production output.

Your requirements
  • Productive distribution of available power supply. Should locking be required the holding time of the machine in question must be limited to the welding period so as not to cause a serious disruption of the welding process.
  • Priorities must be determined to avoid disruption of the automated production..
  • Low costs to start. Moderate start and extension when needed.
We propose
  • The locking processor VP 4 is a small module for the central control of the power load.
  • VP 4 considers priorities and controls the welding process to allow for an
    optimal adaptation of the specified power load. Within the limit, several machines can be released. Exceeding the specified power load is being prevented.
Technical data sheet pdf-Download