VP 9000 is a locking processor to control and distribute power supplies of all kinds. The complete locking device VP 9000 includes following components: the locking device series VP 9000 is designed as module. The control cabinet GS 061/64 may be equipped with up to 8 locking modules FE 262 (i.e. 8*8=64 lockings. It is equipped with simple cartridges.


locking according to priority (machine rating)
  • locking of 1-phase, 2-phase and 3-phase power loads (may be mixed)
  • statistical evaluation of locking parameters
  • Universal power load limits -day/week programs
  • locking of various power loads
To simplify operation VP 9000 distinguishes 3 operational characteristics:

Load demands:
- total load
- load of each phase
- load of each machine
Load program:
- display of load limit per day/week
- counter
- medium holding period
- medium power input
Technical data sheet pdf-Download