Product overview


Akzent 3000

The Akzent-3000 welding controller impresses with its wide range of functions. An optimal combination of easy-to-understand, practical operation with comprehensive functionality.

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Akzent 2000

The Akzent-2000 welding controller sets standards in the medium performance class. A successful mix of function and economy.

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Akzent 1000

The Akzent 1000 welding control system impresses with its clear function and clear operating concept. It is used for AC applications.

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Akzent 500

The Akzent 500 welding controller is a simple phase control unit. The power output can be set via a control panel or an analog input.

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Power units

Medium frequency

Today's medium frequency technology is the leading power unit technology for resistance welding applications. The HIE medium frequency inverters are matched to the commercially available 1000 Hz medium frequency welding transformers.

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High frequency

High-frequency technology is primarily used for very short welding times and very fast control tasks. High frequency inverters are operated with special high frequency welding transformers.

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2 Phase AC

2-Phase thyristor power units are used in resistance welding devices that are operated with an AC transformer. The technology is very robust and comparatively inexpensive.

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3 Phase DC

Like the 2-phase power units, 3-phase power units are very robust. They are used in resistance welding machines that are operated with a 3-phase transformer and a rectifier on secondary side.

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Process monitoring


The SPV software visualizes, documents and archives welding process data generated by HIE welding controls from the Akzent-3000 and Akzent 2000 series as well as the Q-MOD process monitoring module.

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The Q-MOD is a measurement and process monitoring module. The recorded data provide information about the essential process variables in high resolution. Process understanding starts like this.

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Power load-lock

Power load-lock

Power load-lock devices from HIE ensure that the supply power network is not overloaded uncontrollably by large consumers such as resistance welding machines. The available power is automatically distributed so that everyone gets enough.

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Standard welding case or individually planned control cabinet? Prefabricated complete cabinets save time and money during assembly and commissioning.

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